Meet The Maker: Tamboon Leather Co

When Kim & Eve had the honour of crossing paths with Amelia Harvey, we had the honour of meeting someone who is not only incredibly passionate and talented, but is also warm and laid back, always willing to take the time for a chat. Amelia, or Millie as she likes to be known, is the founder of Tamboon Leather Co, a leather goods brand that encompasses all things beautiful and hand-made, and a brand dedicated to creating products to last a lifetime.

 Tamboon Leather Co was founded in 2014, Port Stephens, a beautiful town on the  eastern Australian coastline. The  sentiment of each beautiful handcrafted  leather piece, created by Millie is a  reflection of who she is, and how she  came  to be.

It was in her final years of studying Industrial Design, that Millie was given a gift that was to forge her new path. Her mother gave her an old weathered suitcase that once belonged to her late grandfather, Barry Prior.

Inside the suitcase were leatherwork tools, hand-written notes and sketches, and vintage craft books. Objects that had once been used to fulfill her Grandfather's passion for creating beautiful leather goods. Millie had always had an interest in traditional methods and techniques used in the creative arts. This moment had encouraged her to pursue her interests

Tamboon Leather Co Leatherwork Tools
“Mum didn’t realise that I’d already started looking into doing leather craft. It was one of those things where it was like a spine-tingling sign. Something was telling me to do this. I had always been interested in the creative arts, and traditional techniques,” says Millie.

Millie has a love for our Australian landscape, and its natural elements, and this love is the inspiration behind the Tamboon aesthetic. There is also an apparent love for the simplicity and minimalism represented in both Japanese and Mid-Century Design.

“My love for the natural elements found across our Australian landscape is the core inspiration for my brands' aesthetic. With each product embodying the beauty of simplicity, honesty and integrity. My appreciation for Dieter Rams' Good Design Principles (a pioneer of mid-century modern design) and the culture around minimalism Japan have played a huge part in my journey to thinking as a Designer.”

Tamboon Leather Co minimal Handmade wallet

Tamboon products, such as the Ash Soft Leather Envelope Clutch or the Minimal Handmade Leather Wallet reflect the love for Minimalism and simplicity that Millie holds true in her design. All of the products made by Tamboon bear a sense of authenticity, each piece being able to tell a story of where it came from and how it was made.

Envelope Leather handmade clutch


The name Tamboon Leather Co came to be, as this was the street that Millie's Grandparents lived, Tamboon Avenue. This is where a lot of Millie's memories were created.

“The leather pieces are lifetime pieces. You know that the piece of work that you've created will stay with this person for years and years. It's not fast fashion, its slow fashion. I hope that my customers feel a connection to the product because of this.”

Tamboon Leather Co also supply custom leather work for hotels, boutique accommodation, and restaurants such as leather binders, guest room compendiums, leather menus, key rings, and many other custom leather projects for businesses and products. Some such projects include SALT at Shoal Bay; Noa By The Beach; Swell at Kiama; Bask & Stow Byron Bay; and Palm House at Palm Cove.

So, just like the suitcase, Millie hopes to provide us with products that can also tell a story, which can be passed through the generations. A Tamboon Leather Co product evokes a feeling, a sentiment.  Whether it’s a Handmade Brass and Leather Keyloop, a Handmade Leather Rucksack, or a Handstitched Leather Card Wallet, each piece is as special as the story it tells.

We, at Kim & Eve, feel so fortunate to be able to showcase the work of Tamboon Leather Co.

Amelia Harvey tamboon Leather Co




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