Eve in the Kitchen

As the evening light begins to extend and we edge ever closer to Christmas, I wanted to share with you some recipes that I adore, some healthy, some not so healthy, but all delicious.

I feel that home cooking and entertaining will have an even greater role to play this summer. With the world we once knew, full of dining and entertainment establishments a distant memory for some, and with others rediscovering the pleasures of home entertaining.  Connecting with people within our own homes and gardens over food and drink has never been more important.

With that in mind, I’d like to bring you some tried and tested recipes that I love. I don’t consider myself Nigella Lawson by any stretch of the word and I may not be a domestic goddess…… but I love to make delicious beautiful foods to share with friend and family.

So, with that in mind I’d like to bring you some fabulously delicious by-weekly recipes that won’t leave a dent in the bank account. I should also tell you at this point, that I can be rather indecisive, so this week I will bring you both, a sweet and a savoury recipe (as I couldn’t decide which to start with).

Starting with a simple, but delicious salad that wins every time!



600 g of Fresh Watermelon

150 g of Feta Cheese

1 bunch of fresh mint


Roughly chop the fresh watermelon (don’t leave the skin on)

Crumble in the feta cheese, use your hands

Chop and sprinkle over the fresh mint

Toss the ingredients and serve


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